Support JDCC

Support JDCC

From its inception, the Luba Slome Dental Center, and the Jerusalem Dental Center for Children, have relied on the generosity of interested and concerned individuals, as well as corporate sponsors.

Please consider making an annual gift that will help to maintain current services of dental care education, prevention programs, and distributing dental materials to children.

Where your Money will Go

$18,000 :  Will enable to purchase a complete state of the art operating dental unit and chair

$15,000 :  Will provide funds to install an updated nitrous/oxygen system

$10,000 :  Will enable the purchase of a complete operating dental chair

$5,000   :  Will provide prevention outreach program for 350 kindergarten children for one year

$2,500   : Will provide one year’s dental care for a family of five

$1,000   :  Will supply a day of dental care for the Center’s patients

$500     :  Will support a day of educational program’s at the Center

$250     : Will provide enough toothbrushes for a month

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If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to The Jerusalem Dental Center for Children and forward it to one of our offices.

The Jerusalem Dental Center for Children is a registered charity in Israel and the USA. All gifts are fully tax deductable.